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Looking for natural photos, without artifice, where you will not pose and where you will not even have the impression to be photographed? You've come to the right place, because if you've made it this far, it's because we have a great time together!
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Hey! Congratulations! You are about to experience the most beautiful day of your life! This day filled with an infinite number of emotional moments deserves a passionate photographic report that will guarantee you the most beautiful memories. From the excitement of the preparations to the dance floor, give me the opportunity to photograph the laughter, the tears of joy, the looks of complicity and all that your love has to say, with me it's 100% natural!

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A session like in real life, to immortalise yourself as you are! Whether you want to recreate your love bubble for a session with your lover and feel butterflies in your tummy again, or go for a walk in the fields with your dog, or immortalise your round belly and the birth of your baby, or even Wednesday afternoons with your family, take this time out of time to freeze your memories for eternity!

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Photo prestation lifestyle
Photo prestation portrait


A portrait photo session is a bit of an ode to love, to the self-love that we all too often bury deep within ourselves. And taking a photo is a step forward, a way of looking at ourselves differently, more tenderly, a way of reconciling with ourselves. This ode to love is also something I carry within me during our session. I have a respectful and benevolent look at everyone who passes in front of my lens, and I would be delighted to help you to have this same look at yourself.

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If you want to communicate differently, stand out and show your work from a different angle with lively and sparkling photos, I'm your girl! I am committed to offering professionals like you images that look like them and that are worth more than a thousand words to talk about their business. Carpenter, architect, chocolatier, shopkeeper, clothing designer, whatever your profession, I'm here to highlight all your know-how.

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Photo prestation professionnel
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